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Add Me! :) [18 May 2013|07:22am]

I just started playing Wild World again in anticipation of getting the Nintendo 3DS New Leaf Bundle next month (or y'know, when I have $220)! I love love the design of the 3DS they have with it!

I'll have my gates open pretty much all day today so stop by and leave a note on the bulletin board!

Name: Daisy
Town: bontemps
Friend Code: 4814-7815-3802
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Fanfic: What Friends Do [15 Feb 2012|06:02pm]

I'm hoping you guys like fanfics about Animal Crossing :P
Wrote this a little while ago, when I thought that something the hungry dopey boy characters said at the Fountain in the City was kinda cute.

Title: What Friends Do
Fandom: Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City
Characters: Mitzi, Punchy
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 482 words
Summary: Mitzi wonders if Punchy would ever return his feelings as they stand talking under the City Fountain. Oneshot

Every time she stepped off that bus...
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Looking for friends so I can visit their town and so they can visit mine [19 Jan 2012|01:26pm]
Hi I would like to find some friends to add to my friends list to be able to vist your town and so you can come to mine all I ask is for you to be respectful to my town as I will be to yours please dont take anything without asking first unless its fruit,fish,shells. You can buy anything that is available.Thank you hope to see you soon.
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Animal Crossing 3DS? [14 Nov 2011|06:17pm]

Was looking around LJ for some active Animal Crossing communities talking about the upcoming 3DS game, but it seems like they're all dead.

So I've created a new community specifically for the next game!

The Animal Crossing 3DS Community

News updates
Wi-Fi Events
Meet other players
Trade items
and much more!
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Gates: Open! [22 Nov 2010|05:23pm]

1) Items to the LEFT of the gate are freebies, take what you wish when there are things there. Please do NOT take anything on the RIGHT side of the gate, those are for specific people.
2) Feel free to buy anything, take fruit, plant trees/flowers, talk to any residents, search out my money rock, shake trees, etc. just please be polite!! If you dig a hole, fill it up!
3) Feel free to pull up any weeds you come across, it would be much appreciated!
4) If you want to leave any items please do so in front of my house (yellow roof, left side of map), anywhere else and I will not notice them!!

Town Info:
Name: Ville
Store: Nook 'n' Go
Fruits: Cherries
Residents: Gala, Wendy, Robin, Tom, Joey, Iggly, Wart Jr., Mathilda, Aurora, Gabi

I apologize if I'm not very chatty, I don't have wiispeak and it's a pain to grab my keyboard AND play :)

Rhiannon in Ville
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Come to Atsugi (new)~ [30 Oct 2010|05:54pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I'm new to AC City Folk. Let's be friends! I have pears. I'm looking to trade for others -- feel free to take any pears and bring me any other fruit! <3

Town: Atsugi
Name: Lamb

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Searching for friendly ACCF players. [08 Aug 2010|10:03am]

[ mood | content ]

feel free to add me only if your kind and nice to talk to. sorry but i don't want to add people who are dis-respectful.

heres my info

Raine in Ehime

the fruit i have is Peaches and some coconut trees.

the only rule i have is please don't run i don't want to mess up the grass.

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new to the whole "internet" thing [13 Jul 2010|09:21pm]
[ mood | curious ]

hello, i've been playing Animal Crossings for the Wii for almost a year so I'm still kind of new, but just recently I connected my console to the internet so this is a whole new experience. I'd love to visit your town or have you come visit mine just message me and let me know.

Name: Delrae
Town: John Deer
Code: 5113-7827-0353

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Anyone still play Wild World? [29 Mar 2010|01:23pm]

Don't have a Wii yet, but just got back into WW! haha, I need weed help and would like more types of fruit! I have peaches!

Name: Bebopfox
Town: Momo! (with exclamation mark)
Friend Code: 3524.4469.2405

Visit soon!
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friend codes [03 Jan 2010|11:40am]

Hello. I  too am looking for friends to add to my roster so I can visit their towns and vice versa.  If you would leave me a comment or e-mail me at ndo6532@yahoo.com and let me know your info, I will add you and then you can add me.  Thanks!

Name: Nikki
Town: mayberry
Code: 1978-1143-4680
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Looking for towns to explore. [03 Jan 2010|11:42am]

Hi there, I'm looking for some people to add to my friend roster. I have oranges and peaches growing in my town, and am quite happy for people to pick a couple to take home with them. All I ask is that you don't make a mess of the place.

Please be extra careful on my paths, the button used to run is the same as the one to pick up a path tile, (annoyingly), so please don't run on them. If it happens by accident I'll probably spot it quite quickly and they are simple to replace, so don't panic. :-)

If anyone can bring me other fruit I would be eternally grateful.

Name: Carrie
Town: Newtown
Code: 0174-1562-6144

Leave me your code on a comment and I'll add you to my roster. I look forward to seeing some new towns.
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friends [12 Dec 2009|09:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]

this is a list of people that i've added as my friends:
Renee of Narnia
Cindy of Lovely
Ayra of Cisi
Ophelia of D'Vegas
so these people that i've added please add me to your friend roster
Saffy of Hawii

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animal crossing [28 Nov 2009|04:42pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Hey people, if you want to come to my town, then great. Come on over. I have peaches and coconuts.
I'm Saffy in Hawii. code: 2063-3675-6672
My rules are: Please DO NOT cut down trees, plant any more peach trees, drop junk, or trash the town. Thanks. I will add anyone who posts a comment with their code.

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just got game [23 Sep 2009|01:09pm]

hi i just got animal crossing on the wii and i actually dont know many people who even have it.  so please friend me so i can visit ur town it gets lonely being in a town all by yourself. 

name- Tya

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[12 Sep 2009|02:41am]

hi please add me i'am starting to get bored of my town i need to vist other towns i will bring fruit
with me i have, cherries, oranges, apples and coconuts,

my town name is:- dixie
my name is:- moto
code is :- 2493-3196-9178

my partners details
town:- dixie
name:- sezy
code is:- 4726-5330-0535

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[09 Apr 2009|11:24am]

[ mood | lonely ]

searching friends nwn

Town N: Kopiru
Screen N: Joselyn
Friend C: 013078365159

ds chat available if you want i don't really care nwn

I hope everyone can play with me nwn

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[28 Feb 2009|05:48pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hi I'm new to this community and recently started playing the gamecube animal crossing again.  I've managed to get everything but coconuts.  Can anyone give me a code for it??? My town name is Missouri. :)

Any help would be very appreciated <3

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Help! [28 Feb 2009|08:25am]

sorry for posting under another username. I'm LadyStarscream. Has anyone encountered a problem ehere, after going on Animal Crossing (for gamecube) for two weeks has had a controller freeze-up? I can pick up minor items in my house, but not large items! I can't even pick up my stereo! I have been waiting on amemory card (smeone was going to send me one), and I can't save without it! I can pck up minor items like apples, and the turnips I just spent several thousand bells on, but not any of my large items. I can't get out of my house, becaue I dropped  a couple of the larger items so I'd have space in my posckets to rearrange the other items in my house. Has anyone else experienced this? it's the first time I have! ever! I've played 'crossing for several years now and I've never had this kind of defect! mycontroller works just fine picking up minor objects, like apples and those turnips, and I have a free space in my pocket (items menu) for my stereo, but my controller won't letme pick it up! I'm so confused, I'm about to restart my game! can anyone get me out of this?
any help would be much appreciated.
~Sahara Sky aka Lady_Starscream
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Quick Question [25 Feb 2009|03:10am]


sorry, I'm not trying to spam the comm or anything, I just had another quick question I was wondering if anyone had the aswer to. I've never known about the possibility of networking across the net in Animal Crossing (either with codes or a modem), and I was just wondering: can I send mail to people in other towns? (I have Animal Crossing for gamecube. not the wii.) does it take a code? or is it just impossible?

I was just wondering if anyone would like to send items back and forth with item codes. I have all kinds of stuff, and I'm allways stocking up on Gyroids and retting rid of them for new ones. (what can I say? I'm a sucker for the little noisemakers. XD.) also, music. If anyone wants to trade (if you can do that?) I only have a couple of tunes right now, but later I'll probably have extras.
Also, right now I have an excess of money. No, I'm not kidding. I haven't gotten my memory card yet, so I can't get my house enlarged and start paying it off again. Right now I have 240,000 bells sitting in my house taking up space. And I can't spend it all!!!! Help! XD!
I tried buying everything at Nooks every day for a week, but I end up selling half the stuff back to him anyway, not to mention fruit and other things. And the idiot I am, planted several money tress. (haha. I thought they wouldn't grow like the first two.) so now every two days I have three bags of 30,000 bells on the tree (the other two aren't big enough to make fruit yet, though.)
anyone want some? I'll send it 10,000 bells at a time. I'm looking to get rid of about half of it. (that's 24 people, if anyone wants any. Just leave your city and player, I'll try to get codes and send it.)

town: Praxxus
Player: Anni

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