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sorry for posting under another username. I'm LadyStarscream. Has anyone encountered a problem ehere, after going on Animal Crossing (for gamecube) for two weeks has had a controller freeze-up? I can pick up minor items in my house, but not large items! I can't even pick up my stereo! I have been waiting on amemory card (smeone was going to send me one), and I can't save without it! I can pck up minor items like apples, and the turnips I just spent several thousand bells on, but not any of my large items. I can't get out of my house, becaue I dropped  a couple of the larger items so I'd have space in my posckets to rearrange the other items in my house. Has anyone else experienced this? it's the first time I have! ever! I've played 'crossing for several years now and I've never had this kind of defect! mycontroller works just fine picking up minor objects, like apples and those turnips, and I have a free space in my pocket (items menu) for my stereo, but my controller won't letme pick it up! I'm so confused, I'm about to restart my game! can anyone get me out of this?
any help would be much appreciated.
~Sahara Sky aka Lady_Starscream
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