Rhiannon (thedaywefell) wrote in animal_crossing,

Gates: Open!

1) Items to the LEFT of the gate are freebies, take what you wish when there are things there. Please do NOT take anything on the RIGHT side of the gate, those are for specific people.
2) Feel free to buy anything, take fruit, plant trees/flowers, talk to any residents, search out my money rock, shake trees, etc. just please be polite!! If you dig a hole, fill it up!
3) Feel free to pull up any weeds you come across, it would be much appreciated!
4) If you want to leave any items please do so in front of my house (yellow roof, left side of map), anywhere else and I will not notice them!!

Town Info:
Name: Ville
Store: Nook 'n' Go
Fruits: Cherries
Residents: Gala, Wendy, Robin, Tom, Joey, Iggly, Wart Jr., Mathilda, Aurora, Gabi

I apologize if I'm not very chatty, I don't have wiispeak and it's a pain to grab my keyboard AND play :)

Rhiannon in Ville
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