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Animal Crossing Community

for all things Animal Crossing!

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This community is for fans of Animal Crossing to share tips and stories.
Admin: amcam
Moderator: kimikokai


  • Have fun
  • Make friends
  • Keep it CLEAN :)
  • Do not put other members down, it just causes drama.
  • All posts should be related to the game Animal Crossing for game cube.
  • You will be warned 2 times if you have not followed these rules, the third time your account will be banned from the community.

    ** If someone has offended you, please contact me by email or leave a message on my livejournal with a link to the incident.

    Other AC Communities

    a_c_wildworld: animal crossing: wild world only
    ac_claiming: claim your animal/character
    ac_freebies: giveaways and requests for items
    ac_newbies: for newbies and newbie questions
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    Handy AC Links

    The Crossing Guardian: official newspaper

    AC Items Supercenter

    Animal Crossing Ahead!: a general AC info site

    Animal Crossing Central: an AC trading site

    Animal Crossing Community: an AC trading community, info, and forums

    Categorized UC List: a list of UC codes for a large amount of items

    The Tom Nook Fanclub: held on on forum site

    Animal Crossing Forums: an AC forum with roleplaying

    The Animal Crossing Society: general info, UC codes, and forums

    Animal Crossing UK: a European focus AC site

    Animal Crossing Textures Kiosk: an archive of patterns/textures